The Arrangement (The Plainclothes Tootsie Mysteries, book 1) (Audiobook)

The Arrangement (The Plainclothes Tootsie Mysteries, book 1) (Audiobook)


The Arrangement by M. Ravenel
The Plainclothes Tootsie Mysteries, book 1
Narrated by Dani Chambers

“A gritty, hard-boiled mystery featuring a tough, snarky, female private eye from 1970s New York City.”

Another case has fallen onto the desk of Tootsie Carter; a female detective armed with a snubnosed Colt .38, unmatchable wit, and a pocketful of Tootsie Rolls.

New York City, 1975

A missing wife. The seedy underbelly of the boxing world. Lace your gloves and ring the bell, PI Tootsie Carter is on the case.

When a desperate man stumbles into her office, pleading for help locating his wife, Tootsie launches into the investigation.

Following the clues, she uncovers a boxing racketeer with a deadly agenda.

Can Tootsie deliver the one-two punch that brings the woman home safe? Or will more bodies fall to the mats?


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(Rated PG-13)

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