Secret Notte (The Secret Royals, book 1)

Secret Notte by Marie Long
The Secret Royals, book 1

A European tryst becomes a royal surprise…

In celebration of her newly acquired Fine Arts degree from the University of South Carolina, Claudia Gray takes the vacation of a lifetime to the exclusive country of Bellacigna, which the media has recently deemed the newest, hottest tourist spot in Europe.

Claudia takes in the country’s beautiful scenery while also working on enhancing her job portfolio. But an accident during an evening outing brings Claudia’s celebrations to a halt, and a stranger’s selfless gesture adds a new level of flavor to her Bellacignan experience.

Stefano Trevisani, future Duke of Cittàcigni by day and the hottest Bellacignan deejay sensation by night, is swept up in the woman he saved, but realizes there is something familiar about her that he recalls from the past.

Stefano wants to get close to Claudia, but she believes their lifestyles are too different for a relationship to ever work. But the more time she spends with him, the more she begins to second-guess those feelings. Will Claudia return to her familiar, safe, and secure lifestyle back home? Or will she decide to give a relationship with Stefano a chance?


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    Royal Secret (The Secret Royals, book 2)

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    Royal Secret (The Secret Royals, book 2)

    Royal Secret by Marie Long
    The Secret Royals, book 2

    A budding musical romance with a royal twist

    Trina Mauer never thought she would be lucky enough to win a vacation to the beautiful and luxurious country of Bellacigna. But luck is not the only thing that finds her—so does her love of music and the interest of a cute drummer in a popular jazz band.

    Samuele Trevisani aspires for his band to get noticed and signed for a professional deal. But balancing life as a musician and his responsibilities as a Trevisani royal can be difficult at times, especially when a certain attractive bassist catches his eye.

    Because she shares his interests in music, Samuele thinks Trina would be a perfect addition to his band—and an even more perfect girl he would love to get to know—but first, he needs to convince her to stay in Bellacigna.

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