Scorned (The Anderson Brothers, book 3)

Scorned by Marie Long
The Anderson Brothers, book 3

I caught her watching me that night during my underground cage match in LA. Lexi Richards, that mysterious, sexy-as-hell tattooed angel, was also a first-class computer hacker. And she’s got dirt on me. Getting caught up in her charms was a mistake. Now I’m backed into a corner with my entire life at her fingertips. She’ll destroy me if I piss her off.

But the more she threatens, the more I want her. She’s got me addicted, and I’m at her mercy.



Love is not for the faint-hearted…

Michael “Knox” Anderson’s life in the dangerous world of illegal underground cage fighting has always been his outlet for coping with the demons that chase him. He never thought there could be a greater fear than losing this endless battle with himself… until he meets the mysterious Alexis Richards.

A tattoo artist by day and a computer hacker by night, Lexi is determined to use her skills to fight against those who would harm others.

Michael’s fascination with Lexi leaves him vulnerable and confused–feelings that he had buried years ago. When he discovers Lexi’s connections to a secret organization, he quickly realizes that this may be the final knockout if he isn’t careful.

Is Michael ready to gamble his feelings–and ultimately his life–for Lexi in order to make amends with his past, or will the demons inside him finally destroy his last hope of salvation?

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(Rated R), Adult content, Dark/trigger themes, Profanity, Violence

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    Scarred (The Anderson Brothers, book 1)

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    Scarred (The Anderson Brothers, book 1)

    Scarred by Marie Long
    The Anderson Brothers, book 1

    “Dom and Denise will make you believe in happily ever after. Dominick is definitely book boyfriend material.” – Marie Hall, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of A MOMENT

    Denise Ramsey… Smart, sexy as hell, and loves motorcycles — and she attends the same university as me.

    She’s the perfect woman I need right now. She’ll make these demons of my past disappear.

    I’ll have a life again — a future — because of this amazing woman.

    But she clings to her ex, whom she hadn’t seen since high school. That bastard’s been hurting her. The pain is written in her eyes. She wants things to be like before, but men change, sometimes for the worst.

    I see the signs. She’s trapped, just like I once was. But unlike me, she won’t suffer.

    Because I’m going to free her.

  • Scratched (The Anderson Brothers, book 2)

    Scratched (The Anderson Brothers, book 2)

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    Scratched (The Anderson Brothers, book 2)

    Scratched by Marie Long
    The Anderson Brothers, book 2

    I lost my basketball scholarship during my senior year at UDub. But I’m not letting that stop me. I’m training harder for a chance at a pro career, while I continue spinning tunes at the clubs on the side.

    No one’s going to pull me away from my dreams. Not my family, and definitely not some obsessed female groupie who stalks me at almost all my gigs. But the more I see her every night, the more I’m tempted to sink my fingers into her thick, soft curves. I’ll make her stay away from me once I’m done with her.

    I’ll give her just one night. And she’ll be as good as gone.

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