Enflamed (The Pyromancer Trilogy, book 2) (Audiobook)

Enflamed (The Pyromancer Trilogy, book 2) (Audiobook)


Enflamed by R.M. Prioleau
The Pyromancer Trilogy, book 2
Narrated by Clifton Satterfield

Kaijin Sora is a young man with a troubled past. A few months after disaster befalls his home, Kaijin sets out on a journey to learn about himself and his purpose.

As Kaijin is guided closer to his destiny, he discovers new secrets and makes some unlikely friends, while unaware that he already had the most powerful ally in his possession.

When trouble finds his friends and allies, Kaijin’s fiery passion ignites within him. But even the brightest flame cannot illuminate the true nature of his darkness…

Enflamed is an engaging epic fantasy adventure with memorable characters.


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9 hrs 23 mins 8 sec (approx.)

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(Rated PG), Fantasy violence

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