Vastar is a classic PC Roleplaying game.

Three siblings of various personalities soon find themselves intertwined in one destiny to save their homeland from the resurrection of a lost legend by a vengeful renegade wizard. Together, the three siblings combine their unique skills to find a way to stop the ritual from completion and bring the renegade to justice!

Choose between the three siblings, Xathia, Danton and Julian Vastar, each with a unique adventure to engage in. Then, team up with all three on an even greater adventure to save their homeland!

– An original, fully-arranged soundtrack by award-winning composer Gregory Tripi!
– Unique storytelling with four possible adventures to play!
– A classic roleplaying experience for the PC which provides hours of entertainment!

Vastar Gameplay Screenshot
Vastar Gameplay Screenshot

(Windows PC)


  • Price: $11.99 USD

  • Category: RPG (Sword & Sorcery)

  • Content Rating: EVERYONE


Technical Specifications


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  • Vastar Strategy Guide
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  • Operating System: Windows PC  

  • RAM: 256MB

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